Investables asset manager Young REI

Boutique advisory firm Investables has been appointed as exclusive asset manager for all Young Real Estate Investments funds. The Amsterdam based firm will be responsible for the strategic and tactical policy of the portfolio’s operation and provides periodic reports to the participants. Investables’ consultants are the first point of contact for bondholders, property managers, letting agents and the larger tenants. If neccessary, Investables also advises on the buying and selling of the property. Effective immediately, Investables is taking two existing funds under management and two new funds will be added in the fourth quarter of this year.

Young Real Estate Investments is part of the Young Venture Group, an umbrella of mostly real estate-related companies including reBirth development and Parkstone Real Estate Management. Within this umbrella, Young Real Estate Investments is the company that allows investors to invest from € 100,000 in real estate bonds. Because Young REI is confident in its acquisition strategy and wants to convey that to its investors, it co-invests in every fund itself.

Investor advisory firm Investables was founded in 2022 by Timo Volkers and Rick Hoogervorst. Among other things, their field of activity includes buying and selling of investment property, due diligence, consultancy, interim assignments and asset management. The firm is based in Amsterdam but considers the whole of the Netherlands as its working area.

Nanne Veenstra, Rick Hoogervorst, Timo Volkers

Nanne Veenstra (Young REI), Rick Hoogervorst and Timo Volkers (both Investables)

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